2 OZ Super Strong Weed Brownies!!!

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Episode #4 of 2 Girls, 1 Bong: How To Bake Weed Brownies

Hey Guys,

Today we will be showing you how to bake weed brownies. From start to finish learn how to make special brownies, we happen to put a lot of weed into these 🙂 Be sure to subscribe to our channel for new episodes weekly!



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5 thoughts on “2 OZ Super Strong Weed Brownies!!!

  1. Lol that’s way too much, I remember making weed brownies the very first
    time, put way too much flower, ate one said oh I don’t feel nothing next
    couple hours I started calling my friends telling them I’m gonna miss
    them… I was tripping balls! Ahh good times XD

  2. I don’t understand how people can enjoy being beyond stoned. I personally
    like having a cool, chill buzz.
    2oz in brownies?! Too much for me haha

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