2017 High Times Midwest Cannabis Cup Smoke Sesh w/Cannabis Lifestyle TV

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Are you in Michigan for the 2017 Hightimes Midwest Cannabis Cup in Clio, MI? Cool, we want to smoke with you!

We figure what better way to bring in the HTCC than having a little pregame session?

We’ll be at the Cup on Saturday the 24th, bring some of your finest to match 🔥

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18 thoughts on “2017 High Times Midwest Cannabis Cup Smoke Sesh w/Cannabis Lifestyle TV

  1. Umm… I don’t smoke a lot because it’s illegal where I am, but I’ve been smoking a lot lately I was wondering How much you should smoke in one day? I’ve been trying to learn how to roll a blunt.Thank you and I subscribed.

    1. +xXCheesyRngxX thanks for subscribing! We have some tutorials on our channel. As for dosage, that’s something you’ll need to find out for yourself. Don’t over due it, moderation is always best

  2. I would like to see a protest march in Ohio to legalize pot. We wil be the last if at all. Thank Trumpty Dumpty for that. To win the election he promised to leave legalization to the states. And then sends the feds to Colorado! POS that he is!

    1. +b. humble yeah, it’s beyond unfortunate how things are playing out. The legal scene will change in Ohio, but there’s a lot of big players trying to push their own agenda. You might see legal Cannabis in Ohio, but it could very well be controlled by a small group. That’s not the worst thing for consumers but it is for any businesses trying to start up in the area. Let’s hope the current administration figures out wtf they wanna do, because they say one thing and do another 💩

  3. What’s the date for the Hightime’s Mag. cup? I think, “I got high and I missed. I got high and it rolled right by!”

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