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We were lucky enough to try out a subscription from Buddabox recently, so we decided to do an uboxing and review video for you guys to help you determine if this is for you or not.

Check out the goodies you get from Buddabox’s monthly subscription program for Cannabis enthusiasts.

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7 thoughts on “Buddabox Unboxing and Review | Cannabis Lifestyle TV

  1. I don’t think we have these kind of boxes here in the Netherlands…

    I really need to get a glass pipe or whatever, now using wood as I can’t be
    bothered for the amount I smoke..
    but the thing just keeps clogging up….

    Tried to smoke some hash (from trimming harvest)
    and the thing is so hard to clean!

    using paperclip now tho

    1. +YellowBlue RC they might ship internationally friend! I know the
      Netherlands is home to some killer glass pieces tho.

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