Cannabis Infused Jalapeno Poppers Recipe: Infused Eats #49

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Learn how to make Cannabis Infused Jalapeno Poppers, a fresh and spicy summertime recipe, today on Infused Eats episode 49. Wax Liquidizer, the quick and easy way to turn your wax or rosin into e juice for your vaporizer! Save with code: RUFFHOUSE

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7 thoughts on “Cannabis Infused Jalapeno Poppers Recipe: Infused Eats #49

  1. I would have cooked them longer at a lower temperature to infuse better and also to get that bacon crispy without the cheese ozzing out. like 250-300 degrees for 30-40 min.that bacon is undercooked. I appreciate your videos and recipees but this one disappoints.

  2. How potent are edibles when they are pr paired like this? I feel like it’s hard to find the exact balance of getting the desired effect and not ruining the flavor of the food. I am trying to prepare some things for some newer consumers and I need to know how many this would serve and what is the average expected effectiveness if you use what I assume was just a gram of product spread over 8 or so jalapeรฑo poppers.

  3. i Love this series please keep the work up. If u need more recipes u can contact me as well got a bunch

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