Cannabis Tincture Recipe by Sweet Baby Ruth

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Combine your favorite liquor and cannabis for a pain remedy and sleep aid. Baby Ruth shows you how to make it. Co-producer Warren Sanford lends a hand.

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10 thoughts on “Cannabis Tincture Recipe by Sweet Baby Ruth

  1. this is like the equivelant of a bootlegger back in the day making rott gut
    bath tub gin . generally people make tincture with vegetable or coconut oil

  2. this is tincure people..not decarboxylated edibles for getting
    wanna get high find another method..this is for medicine. this is how
    people have made tincure for hundred of years from many plant and herbs.
    not just cannabis.

  3. omfg what a bunch of uneducated people. where did any of you rude people
    learn how to make extracts? go look up how to make Rick Simpson oil

    1. lol..yeah..using naptha and you’re calling them uneducated..lmao..tincture
      isnt the same as RSO btw..they are totally different medicines..

  4. Please ignore her sher knows nothing Use Spiritus 193 proof and you need to
    decarb your weed and then use Magical Butter machine or a pot to heat it
    and evaporate it by 50%

    1. +matanuska high you might as well make RSO if your gonna cook alcohol and
      weed..tincure isnt the same..they are different medicines.

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