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12 thoughts on “Cannabutter Lollipops/Suckers

  1. Made it for the first time following your steps! Turned out 🔥 thanks! One question could i use more canna butter? Like 14 cup? And be fine not to adjust anything? Also i didn’t use the lecithin! Dont think it mattered much, THANK YOU

    1. Thank you very much 🙂 I’ve never done olive oil. I don’t think it would work. You can try a test batch using plain olive oil and see how it turns out.

  2. Tried this and my syrup got really thick right after stopping the cooking process. Couldn’t mix in anything or pour after that. Batch ruined. Any tips on what night have went wrong?

    1. It sounds like the syrup got to hot. Once it reaches 300F and remove from the heat, the syup continues to cook. To stop the cooking process, have a pot of ice cold water beside the stove. As soon as the syrup hits 300, immediately submerge the bottom of the pot into the cold water, as soon as the temp starts coming down, add ingredients. Thw bottom of the pot maybe hardening, turn the burner onto lowest heat. Work quickly but safely.

    1. Thank you very much : Not in hard candy. Guar gum has a gelatin property and interferes with the candy setting hard.

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