Pot Brownie Bracketology: Mario Batali vs Edibles Magazine

Welcome to Leafly’s Pot Brownie Bracketology, where March Madness meets reefer madness and we search low and high to discover the absolute best cannabis brownie recipe ever. In the first matchup of our project, Mario Batali’s controversial cannabis brownies take on Edibles Magazine’s 420 Irish Brownies. For more details on Munchie

Cannabis Christmas – Cooking Christmas Dinner with Marijuana

Cannabis and Christmas, two of our favorite things. This year dear friends and family (Framily) that work at marijuana dispensaries and/or are growers in the weed legal state of Oregon got together for a Christmas feast and what a fabulous feast it was. Budbutter or Cannabutter was cooked into everything for

I Made Weed Brownies & Nearly Died Twice!

Hey Everyone!! Watch in HD Subscribe to Infamously Knownx: Please give this video a thumbs up, subscribe, and share! :) One of the craziest nights of my life. I thought I was dead. Comment below which story you'd like to hear next! OH! & meet my dog Tigger Lol. He wanted to be

WIAP: How to Make Pot Brownies From Scratch

A short tutorial for how to make delicious cannabis brownies from scratch with a few simple ingredients. 1 Stick (1/2 Cup) Cannabutter 1 Cup Sugar 2 Large Eggs 1 Tsp Vanilla Extract 1/3 Cup Cocoa Powder 1/2 Cup Flour 1/4 Tsp Salt 1/4 Tsp Baking Powder For a more in depth video on how to make cannabutter - And

Quick & Easy Medical Marijuana Brownies!

Quick and Easy Medical Marijuana Brownies Ingredients: Pillsbury Brownie Mix Family Size 13x9 2/3 unrefined coconut oil 2 eggs 5-7 grams of grinded marijuana (Blue cheese or animal cracker is what I tend to use) Chocolate Chips Non Stick Spray 13x9 Pan Weed is legal in Maryland Now for medical purposes. I show you how to make marijuana

How To Make Blackout Cannabis Brownies

Learn to bake the blackest of the black cannabis brownies. CLICK 'SHOW MORE' FORE RECIPE INGREDIENDS+BAKING INSTRUCTIONS Prep time: 5 minutes Cook time: about 10 minutes Serving size: 4 ounces Yield: about 8 servings Ingredients ● 1 cup MagicalButter, melted ● 4 eggs ● 3 cups organic cane sugar ● 1½ cups organic all-purpose flour ● 1 cup semisweet chocolate