como hacer una torta modelo marihuana – like making a cake model marijuana

Una decoración de marihuana reggae simple y hermosa con jalea y crema chantilly espero les guste el vídeo No se olviden de SUSCRIBIRSE y seguirme en la redes sociales es gratis FACEBOOK: TWITTER: YOUTUBE: PAGINA WEB: como conseguir la jalea Easy Jam

How To Make Cannabis Infused Cocoa Butter (For making chocolate/ lotions/ ointments) Cannabasics #66

Learn How To Make Cannabis Infused Cocoa Butter For making chocolate, lotions, ointments and more on Cannabasics. Save $30 with the code RUFFHOUSE Cocoa butter is a pale-yellow, edible vegetable fat. It’s extracted from the cocoa bean and is used to make chocolate, as well as many ointments, toiletries, and

How To Make Cannabis Infused Lemon Bars | HERB RECIPE VIDEO

Here's an easy to make Magical Butter recipe for Cannabis Infused Lemon Bars. Click on 'SHOW MORE' for recipe ingredients and instructions. Prep time: 5 minutes Cook time: 55 minutes Serving size 1 bar Yield: 48 servings Ingredients Crust ● 1 cup MagicalButter, softened ● 2 cups all-purpose flour ● ½ cup white sugar Lemon topping

How to Make Natural Cannabis CBD Body Butter/Balm (Free Recipe, Step By Step DIY)

Now you can make it too. How to make it yourself for personal use or to sell in your line. I show you exactly how to make it and where to buy your ingredients. I am selling the CBD crystals on my website and the balm. We have tested this

Funky Monkey Bread (1-Pot Stovetop Cannabis Infused Coffee Cake): Cannabasics #59

Funky Monkey Bread is a simple 1 pot, stovetop recipe for Cannabis Infused Pull Apart Coffee Cake that’s sticky, delicious & so easy a monkey can do it. Sponsor Free cannabis seeds & prizes, join their community & post your grow today! Full recipe on Infused Eats: Save 10%

How To Make Cannabis-Infused Potato Skins | HERB Recipe Videos

These delectable potato skins are the perfect appetizer to any meal. Just wait until you try this cannabis-infused recipe. Click 'SHOW MORE' for recipe guide. - Prep time: 10 minutes - Cook time: 1 hour - Serving size: 1-2 potato skins - Yield: 10 servings Recipe Ingredients: - 1/2 cup Magical Butter, divided in half,

How to Make Cannabis-Infused Red Velvet Cupcakes | HERB Recipe Videos

Red Velvet Cupcakes are the mini version of the classic Red Velvet Cake, and one of the more popular offerings in bakeries all across the world. Click 'SHOW MORE' for recipe guide. - Prep time: 20 minutes - Cook time: 30 minutes - Serving size: 1 cupcake - Yield: 6 cupcakes Baking Ingredients for the