Discussion Why Cannabis is Important with Mary Jean Dunsdon, Dana Larsen, Tammy Lea Meyer

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An Important discussion about why cannabis is important with Mary Jean Dunsdon, Dana Larsen and Tammy Lea Meyer.

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One thought on “Discussion Why Cannabis is Important with Mary Jean Dunsdon, Dana Larsen, Tammy Lea Meyer

  1. Mary Jean Dunsdon says.. “”De-clog the courts by going after serious criminals and not just people smoking pot”” Mary Jean Dunsdon , you obviously have no idea that Pot can “contribute” to crime such as VIOLENCE AND RAPE in MEN who suffer with an already existing mental illness or a mental illness that develops while they over load their brain with POT.

    You will never unclog the Justice System until the Judges and Lawyers further their education in Psychology and participate in Rehab to understand how to treat the diseased minds of Potheads. The diseased mind is no different in Potheads than alcoholics.
    If you and Dana took the time to learn from Rehab to understand that Potheads are coming from a family disease ,or an imbalanced upbringing, along with low self esteem,and an inability to cope with life issues in a normal state of mind.. POT only suppresses your ability to develop your full potential in maturity and character. Rehab will open your eyes to the devastation that will continue by having easy access to POT, not only in family’s behind closed doors but in our society as well.
    Stop pretending that there are no victims to POT!!

    Mary Jean Dunsdon please, reach out to the silent victims “anonymously”. Rape victims are silent for many reasons. Do more research on how many other women have been Raped by men that were suffering with mental illness who were into severe amounts of marijuana. Find out how many women have gone to the police after being abused by a Pot head suffering with mental illness? Why do you think an abused woman would not report the big stash of POT to the police that is back at the home that they know they are going to return to? Why push a drug into our society for recreational use when you haven’t finished your research?

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