Easy Vegan Cannabis Chocolate Cooking with Marijuana #116

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In this episode of Cooking with Marijuana we extract THC from cannabis flowers using cocoa butter then make delicious Vegan chocolate from the marijuana infused cocoa butter.

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Simple Vegan Marijuana Chocolate

1/2 – 1 Ounce ( 14 – 28 grams) Dried Marijuana Flower
1 cup (218 grams) Cocoa Butter
1 cup (118 grams) Cocoa Powder
1/2 cup (168 grams) Real Maple Syrup
1 Tsp Vanilla Extract
Dash Salt
(Optional Add Ins: chopped peanuts, coconut flakes, rice crisps, etc.)

Grind Marijuana and make a pouch for it using the cheesecloth and cooking twine. Tie the marijuana pouch securely.

Place enough water in your double boiler to barely come to the bottom of your inner bowl. Heat the water to boiling and place cocoa butter into the inner bowl to fully melt.

Add 1 cup water and the pouch of ground marijuana into the cocoa butter. Cover and set timer for 3 hours. Watch carefully while simmering on low. Keep water level filled and turn the pouch with tongs carefully several times.

After 3 hours, remover inner pan, refill water completely, return inner pan with butter and pouch, turn heat to high and set timer for 1 hour.

Simmer on high remaining hour, remove when tiny bubbles appear all in the oil outside of the area containing the pouch. Do not scorch!

Carefully remove pouch and put in strainer to squeeze all butter out but not letting sediments in. Strain the entire cocoa butter infusion into another inner boiler pan. Put pan into the refrigerator for several minutes until the cocoa butter solidifies completely.

Carefully pour off the water completely. Let the oil dry or dab the excess water carefully before proceeding.

Return water and heat to the double boiler and add the cocoa butter pan over the boiling water until melted.

Add the 1 tsp vanilla, dash of salt and 1/2 cup maple syrup. Whisk together. Sift in cocoa powder a little at a time whisking together completely. Scrape the sides of the bowl and whisk until smooth and glossy.

Remove heat and pour chocolate into molds. Let cool in refridgrator then remove from molds carefully. Enjoy responsibly!

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5 thoughts on “Easy Vegan Cannabis Chocolate Cooking with Marijuana #116

  1. Hi,
    I cooked cannabis chocolate yesterday (just boiling chocolate (bain-marie)
    and put some kiff. Do you think it’s more poerful has you do it ?

    Thank you !

  2. Wow, the whole time I thought you and Bogart were the same person and that
    over time you just lost a little weight. Damn… Are you brothers? No
    sarcasm, by the way, I’m really wondering.

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