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At the 2017 High Times Midwest Cannabis Cup, we saw a lot of awesome things but one of the areas that stood out the most was a company called FlavRX.

They had one of the best booths we’ve seen at any Cannabis related events, very informative and friendly staff on the scene to answer questions about their products, oh… and some AMAZING THC and CBD cartridges.

After trying numerous Cannabis flavors, we decided to pick up a few THC cartridges: Fire OG and Skywalker Kush…and we were definitely not disappointed.

Check out our review of FlavRX THC Cartridges. If you’ve tried them before, let us know what you think of them in the comments.

FlavRX also offers a wide variety of Cannabis infused and related products. Check them out on their website

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11 thoughts on “FlavRX THC Cartridge Review | Cannabis Lifestyle TV

    1. +Eli soto unfortunately we can’t find any in Michigan so all we tried was the ones from the Cannabis Cup

  1. I just release a new product. Check out tip-pot.com. A better way to scrog no pruning! It’s also the best way to maintain healthy moms! Thanks! Salute to the free states!

    1. +Tip – Pot we would appreciate a direct message via email or our website over spamming the comments on our videos.

    1. +Tell it like It is or don’t tell it at all tried that at the Cannabis Cup, definitely some dank πŸ”₯

    1. +Jay P thanks man. They must be grabbing em out of state and bringing them back, can’t say I blame them lol

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