Grow Medium – SOIL (PART 1): Advanced Cannabis Growing Tips – GROWING CANNABIS 201

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Learn what soil mix is best for growing cannabis. Organic marijuana soil grow ingredients, recipe and mixture. Learn what soil to use, what amendments to use and what to look for when buying or making cannabis soil in this tutorial.



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Lesson Timeline
Lesson Overview – 0:37
Elements to consider when choosing soil – 1:27
Signs of good soil – 3:37
Signs of bad soil – 4:05
Soil recommendations – 5:59
Amending soil intro – 6:11
What ingredients to use to amend cannabis soil – 6:37
Lesson Review – 9:44

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11 thoughts on “Grow Medium – SOIL (PART 1): Advanced Cannabis Growing Tips – GROWING CANNABIS 201

  1. very informative I’m a first time grower and these vids are really helping me! got my first bean to sprout using Lamberts peat Moss soil which works great got my first bean to sprout πŸ˜€ thanks for the vids my man πŸ˜€

    1. hey im using peatmoss too .. seed just sprouted.. wonder if i can keep same for vegetative.. did it go well for u??

  2. Got a big problem. My soil is PH 4. What should I do to rise PH lv? I have been watering with PH 7. But got no clue if it helps

  3. Really glad and excited about your series. Well done and thanks for your service. Keep them coming, our family will watch them all.

    1. But Its not always a bad idea my friend. Stay away from soil around oak trees. Some off the best soil can be found around huge old maple trees. Some people bake it this will kill your good microbs so I would add some more microbs after cooking to help with further decomposition while your plants grow. Not saying I would use it but if u have to.

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