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In this video, our buddy Jordan shows us a simple recipe for making Cannabis Tincture. There’s multiple ways to brew Marijuana Tincture, this is just one way that we’ve had great results with.
Oh, and this one is a set and forget recipe, so patience is key!

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17 thoughts on “How to make Cannabis Tincture – Cannabis Lifestyle TV

  1. I bottled all this tincture a friend had made, but I don’t think he
    decarboxylated anything. My question: Can you decarboxylate a tincture
    after you make it, by, say, leaving it out in the sun, or in short bursts
    in the microwave, or boiling it in a double burner for a while?
    Technically, all you need is a little heat to activate it, right?

    1. +Mark Krause I assume Mark is correct, but I can’t say for sure since I
      haven’t tried it that way. We’re doing a hot method in the near future

    2. You can vaporize the tincture. While vaporizing the tincture gets
      decarboxylated. Did that with a alcohol tincture, I don´t know if this will
      work with a glycerin tincture.

    3. +Noir ling yes, we also have a quicker heat method coming soon. In which
      the decarb happens while the tincture is infusing. I’m not sure of anyway
      to induce decarb after mixture has been combined. Thanks for watching

  2. I guess some chemical process happens over time with vg, because I hear
    people saying it’s the same as the alcohol tinctures that you use a dropper
    bottle with. Tinctures give an awesome high, that’s all I know lol.

  3. I’m having a hard time understanding how THC can be activated without
    heat..I’ve heard of using a solvent, to make tinctures, not soaking it in
    essentially vegetable oil. Pretty sure you can’t break off the THC-a Carbon
    without creating heat, or some kind of chemical reaction using

    1. +Vapletrichs Gne Heat speeds up the process from how I understand it, which
      is why the no heat method takes forever as opposed to heating it which
      takes only minutes/hours. Naturally, things break down over time, but
      adding heat will increase the rate at which it breaks down.
      And yes, it is for medicinal purposes. If you want to get high, smoke herb
      or concentrates.


  4. Love your music and style, I would NOT throw away the leftovers PUT THEM
    INTO COMPOST, just an idea. I am very much into recycling and composting is
    part of it. We need to recycle more…..thanks for step by step

    1. +Patricia Russell very good idea, thanks for the suggestions! We appreciate
      the love, and thanks for the feedback Patricia

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