How To Make Cannaoil HD – Ganja Gamers Kitchen

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Items needed:
1/2 cup of vegetable oil (canola and coconut oil works too, actually higher fat content for the thc to extract into)
7 grams of cannabis grinded
cooking pot of your choice
candy thermometer
strainer or cheesecloth
airtight glass and spatula

-Heat oil to 280 degrees
-Add in cannabis
-Cook on low at 250 degrees or just not over 280 for 1-2 hours
-Strain into the glass jar
-Seal and refrigerate or put in a dark spot

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7 thoughts on “How To Make Cannaoil HD – Ganja Gamers Kitchen

  1. Great video but don’t use veggie oil. It’s sooooo bad for us as it’s not actually made from veggies and is crazy full of pesticides. Love and Light fam

  2. He use a quater because he cooked with 2 cups of oil it all depends on the amount of oil or butter you need to determine the amount of bud you need cause even an 8th will be good for 6-8 brownies the size of what you can buy at the store

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