How to make Coconut Cannabis Oil Safely

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The easiest way to make coconut cannabis oil for cooking. This recipe is simple and safe, but you should always be aware of your dosage, based on the potency of your cannabis. Enjoy and dessert recipes to come!

What you will need:
30 oz of extra virgin coconut oil
3 oz of sugar leaf(trimmings) or 1 1/2 oz of cannabis
Slow cooker
1 tbs Lecithin granule
Pyrex dish
Cheese cloth
Elastic band

First we decarboxylate, then we wrap the leaf. Slow cook the oil, then cool until solid. Cannabis oil can be used for many different things such as edibles, soaps and capsulations.

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15 thoughts on “How to make Coconut Cannabis Oil Safely

  1. you should bake it so it activates the THC. that happens when it turns
    color. that happens when it turns color. If you’re not really paint
    attention to what’s your doing your burn it or yeah I was suggest not doing
    it because you’d f*** it up but if you’re going to do it right fall the
    video and have a good time

    1. +Dom Lang I would think it would work just fine;) but i have never
      attempted it with a nutbag.

  2. if i skipped the baking and just crock potted it, will it still be potent?
    I read the baking part a little too late

  3. Really cool video, one of the best I’ve seen on the subject. The only
    things that is disappointing me is your temp. of decarb : 350°F seems to be
    very hot. I’ve read a lot of things on this subject, and everybody turns
    around 240°-250°-30min or 220°-1h … Also, evaporation of THC begins at

    Your recipe seems to be the result of many research and scientific reasons,
    so please could you clearing that point for me ? Have you tested the oil,
    it gets u high as edibles supposed to do for recreationnal user ?

    Thanks u, and congratulations for the video quality.

    1. +DJ Gyams Here is a link describing it very well I think:

      Yes you can do it at lower temps for longer amounts of time- but it really
      is when the cannabis turns color. Here in Colorado, 350 at 10 minutes is
      perfect and releases the maximum potential of the herb;) (we have tested
      this time and again). BUT- you are correct that each person will have there
      own method and if you have the time- I would definitely recommend something
      like 240 for 30-40 minutes:)

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