How to make Kief Infused Clarified Butter (Cannabis Ghee): Cannabasics #10

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Welcome to Cannabasics. Today we are making Kief Infused Clarified Butter.

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9 thoughts on “How to make Kief Infused Clarified Butter (Cannabis Ghee): Cannabasics #10

  1. does this still give you the same benefits of doing it with the weed , i
    dont mean “being high” i mean health wise

  2. How come out of all the tutorial videos out there, I can never find one
    with a recipe that simply explains how to calculate the potency of kief
    butter and how to make it accordingly to your tolerance? It’s always “just
    add in X number of grams” without telling you just how much THC this is.

    1. +Oswald Cobblepot The ONLY way to know exactly how much THC is going in, is
      to test the EXACT cannabis you are using because ALL cannabis has different
      levels of THC. This is why the recipes do not go into that because it is
      for home recipes, Each person has a different tolerance as well. So you
      just have to work that part out for yourself, or get your cannabis or hash
      oil tested for every recipe you make. and add the amount according to your
      dosage needs.

  3. why does it separate ? and is it a bad thing when it does? i make some keif
    butter in a crock pot and am afraid i messed it up as this is my first time
    using kief. if i did mess it up is there any way i can save it?

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