Infused Scottish Shortbread Cookies Recipe: Infused Eats #57

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Enjoy this deliciously simple Infused Scottish Shortbread Cookies Recipe on Infused Eats Episode #57. Save money with the code RUFFHOUSE at:

Full recipe:

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9 thoughts on “Infused Scottish Shortbread Cookies Recipe: Infused Eats #57

  1. I was just scrolling through YouTube and I saw Ruffhouse and it threw me back 5 years ago when I had just started smoking and Bogart was teaching me how to roll, make edibles and other misc. weed info. It’s great you’re still here!

  2. The flashing at the beginning of the video seems super dangerous for any epilepsy patients who might use cannabis to medicate

    1. Very true, it hurt my eyes so much I had to look away😂I thought something was wrong with my phone screen

  3. Yumm yummm but can you come up with a great treat for IC serious bladder condition that I suffer from I wish someone would help with this debilitating illness that so many don’t know about keep up the great recipes

  4. I converted my moms whipped shortbread cookies…they melted in my mouth..3 ingredient..BUDDAR and butter blend..flour and powdered sugar… I will try your recipe ..i store my buddar in 1/4 cup pucks no scooping and perfect measurements.. wonder if I could freeze the blended ? or better to blend as I go?

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