Making alcohol Free Cannabis Tincture

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I am a legal medical marijuana
User! My Husband is my legal
designated grower!
These videos are meant
to educate and celebrate.
Not to encourage illegal activities
we do not advocate the use of recreational
marijuana in people under the age
of 19!
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12 thoughts on “Making alcohol Free Cannabis Tincture

  1. Is this he same method to make cannibis e liquid? I wanna do a vegetable glycerin extract to vape in my e cig. Can I use this for that as well as a tincture. I’ve only seen it done by doing hot oil baths. Never seen it done in a crock pot so I wanna make sure I can use it for vaping as u can with the other method.

    1. +OurHalfAcreHomestead thanks! I would assume so since vg is in vape juice. I’ll prob just need to add a bit of pg or it may be too thick. This method seems easier for me than standing at my stove to check temperatures for over a hour and a half with 2 kids running around. Appreciate the honest answer. Thank you!

    1. Why don’t you just use the Keef in your gummy recipe or in your baking recipe why go to the bother of having it in a tincture I’m not sure I understand I don’t work much with kief?

  2. cool video..even tho your man has sens jersey :p
    correct me if im wrong, but doesnt 240 f seem high..especially for so long. my buddy told me thats what people vape at

    1. when i use my crock pot , i have a screen at the bottom and i cook it for 20 to 24 hours and i use an infrared thermometer and i don’t go over 160 degrees …158-159 all the time and your good !!!

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