Making Gummies With Cannabis Oil & THC Distolate

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7 thoughts on “Making Gummies With Cannabis Oil & THC Distolate

  1. Thanks for the vid! I worry about degrading the THC in the distillate i have when putting it into hot water/gelatin mix though. Is there anything to worry about? Thanks!

  2. are you familiar with the use of soy lecithin in medibles? its supposed to make it easier to absorb cannabis so you only need half as much as usual. I’ve seen it used in other vids on here if you’d like to research more, since my description isn’t as solid with information as it can be. thanks again

  3. These are so messy to make, I only make caramels or cookies now.
    With caramels you just pour the molten candy into a 9×13 pyrex dish and cut to whatever size you want after it cools, just make sure you have a good accurate candy thermometer
    5 degrees one way or another is the difference between gooey melt at room temp or a rock hard sucker and you won’t be able to cut it into squares but with caramels you can make really small batches to practice in small pyrex dish. thats my 2c anyway

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