Making Weed Cocktails At Gracias Madre In Los Angeles

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Marijuana (in the form of CBD) and alcohol come together in perhaps the classiest version of that pairing at Gracias Madre, a 100% vegan and organic Mexican restaurant in LA. Watch today’s episode of Consumed for an inside look at the mixed drink, sampled by host Kat Odell.

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9 thoughts on “Making Weed Cocktails At Gracias Madre In Los Angeles

  1. yo real talk im tired of these hipster bars all doing stuff with weed. nd
    its a drink not a food so its gone be vegan. unless its milk. these white
    ppl use the word vegan and organic like that shit came from gods nipples
    and shit. organic just means it was grown with more shit than a reg. fruit.
    or vegetable.

    1. Organic means they use insecticides made from blended up toxic bacteria,
      herbicide made from extracted 2-Phenethyl propionate and Eugenol, and
      fertilizer made from feces or rotting matter. So you are half right – there
      is more shit, but a lot of other nasty stuff too. I find it so funny that
      people think that organic is somehow safer and better for the environment.

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