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There are a number of things you need to do when it comes to harvesting Cannabis plants.

Things like checking your plant for maturity, preparing it for trimming, drying the herb, etc. The list varies depending on your growing set up.

We wanted to share our top tips when it comes to harvesting Marijuana, so we decided to put together a video doing just that!

Triminator –

Diamond Cut Co. –

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4 thoughts on “Our Best Tips For Harvesting Marijuana Plants | Cannabis Lifestyle TV

  1. Great Video, love the hoodie! I would add that drying times in your location might determine if you want to chop dry or wet.
    I personally like to do it how you say when the plant is completely dried out itself and I get usually 5 to 7 days before it’s dry but there’s friends of mine in the desert climates and I know at least one guy likes his completely wet when he cuts down cuz it extends the drying to 5 to 7 days for him otherwise its dry in 3.
    We should find out the science behind this process I think, determine the best way to get rid of the chlorophyll, because as a newer grower myself, with only a few harvests, I still struggle most getting the proper dry and getting rid of that hay smell 100%.
    They all turn out ok after the cure, but folks always described as a ‘slightly organic’ tasting finishing (chlorophyll trapped likely) smoke. I flush 2 weeks last grow also good fade but im still not quite there.
    Stay up and thanks again!

    1. Thanks dude!

      Are you drying your herb near too many fans or a heating element? I’ve had chlorophyll trapped in the bud from having too much of both.

      Also, some genetics need a week extra to mature. Some of my 8 week strains need 9 weeks to ripen up

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