How to Make Cannabutter (EASY RECIPE)

Cannabutter is regular butter infused with marijuana. Cannabutter is a core ingredient in many cannabis-edible recipes. Follow Potsoul: ► Instagram: ► Facebook: On social, I'll answer all your questions related to using marijuana, and growing your own marijuana garden. Join chef Sam in the Potsoul Kitchen for a super easy

Old Fashioned Marijuana Apple Pie Cooking with Marijuana #113

Old Fashioned Marijuana Apple Pie is not a healthy recipe unless a half pound of cannabis butter is in your recipe for health! Cooking with Marijuana Playlist: Old Fashioned Marijuana Apple Pie (Adapted from Emiril's recipe) Substituting Cannibus Butter, ground nutmeg, etc... WEBSITE: YOUTUBE: GOOGLE +: BOGART'S FACEBOOK: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: