Cannabis Infused Coconut Oil – Double Boiler Method

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How To Make Air Fryer Cannabutter (Or Cannabis Infused Coconut/ Olive Oil): Cannabasics #93

Learn How To Make Cannabutter, or cannabis infused oil, In an Air Fryer today on Cannabasics. Air Fryer on Amazon: Full recipe/ instructions and hundreds more cannabis culture videos on our site: Music Attribution: "Bass Vibes" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License Samba Isobel Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under


Video shows you how to make cannaoil by infusing marijuana and coconut oil. Also includes recipe for berry smoothies. Includes dosing instructions. For more instructions about dosing go to: The recipe creates 2 smoothies, or two servings. Our goal is to make the smoothies approximately 100mg THC. 1 gram

How to Make Cannabis Infused Toasted Coconut Oil for Edibles

Health gurus like to classify coconut oil as a superfood, but even super can be improved upon as evidenced by this culinary-cannabis recipe. Utilize toasted coconut oil as a tasty addition to baked goods, hot beverages, coconut shrimp, stir fry and PROHBTDโ€™s own green-on-green smoothie. TIME: 15 Minutes Prep 4 Hours