Cannabis Christmas – Cooking Christmas Dinner with Marijuana

Cannabis and Christmas, two of our favorite things. This year dear friends and family (Framily) that work at marijuana dispensaries and/or are growers in the weed legal state of Oregon got together for a Christmas feast and what a fabulous feast it was. Budbutter or Cannabutter was cooked into everything for

How To Make Bud Butter or Cannabutter using 3 Simple Recipes

How to make Budbutter or Cannabutter, 3 Simple Recipes This instructional cannabis video demonstration is how to make yummy cannabutter using 3 simple methods the sauce pan, the crockpot, and the double boiler. Whether a certified medical marijuana kitchen or a simple cannabis kitchenette, no cannabis kitchen is complete

Hard Candy Kief Recipe

Heidi, a founding member of Oregon Green Free, makes Hard Candy Kief in her kitchen. The recipe and instructions are available below. Yield: About 2 Pounds of Candy Serving Size: Start with a Dime Size Piece Wait 1 hour for Effect before Taking More Utensils: 4 quart Sauce Pan Candy