S’Moreos Brownie Sandwich, Celebrate 420 Right!

Still hungry? Subscribe! ►►  Still Hungry? Try Our Chili Cheese Dog Grilled Cheese Sandwich ►► Indulge Yourself With Some of Our Maple Bacon Crescent Rolls ►► Today is a day of great snacking! So why not indulge your munchies with this S’Moreos Brownie Sandwich? Ingredients: Crock Pot Cheese Cloth 2 C. Butter 2 C. Water 1/8 oz.

How to Cook with Marijuana! Canna-Butter & Canna-Oil

Want to become the next Cannabis Cook? Become the envy of your friends and learn how to make delicious marijuana recipes! Find out how to use cannabis as a concentrate and start a medical marijuana concentrate or food business. Sign up today at Let us show you the basics of