Space Cake au Chocolat | La recette | Jacker

Ingrédients du Space Cake pour 4 personnes : - 50 grammes de farine - 100 grammes de beurre (50g de margarine ou beurre ordinaire et - 50g de beurre de cannabis) - 3 œufs - 200 grammes de chocolat en plaquette - 100 grammes de sucre - une cuillère à café de levure Préparation du Space

Torta alla Marijuana – Space Cake

In questo video vedrete come si prepara uno space cake, ossia una torta al cioccolato e l'aggiunta della marijuana . A MIO PARERE DAVVERO OTTIMA, gustatevi il video :)) Ciaooo

Marijuana Tips and Tricks: How to Make Space Cake

Check out Infused Eats: Lost in Space Cakes is our twist on cannabis infused cake. Kief is infused into oil for the cake and cannabutter is used for a deliciously easy medicated frosting for a double dose THC cupcake that is not as sweet as it seems. These things will