Topping and FIM Cannabis Plants For Maximum Yield

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Learn how to maximize your yield by topping and/or Fimming your Cannabis plants.

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Cannabis plants tend to grow similar to a Christmas tree; narrow with a single point. That’s why training your plants is crucial.

Two techniques that will help you develop more colas is to top and to FIM your Cannabis plants. In this video, we discuss both techniques as well as show when, and how to do them.

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This video is for people 21+ who live in areas that have some sort of legal Cannabis program. Cannabis Lifestyle TV does not support any illegal activity of any kind.

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14 thoughts on “Topping and FIM Cannabis Plants For Maximum Yield

    1. Yup here in MI it won’t stop for a whole 24 hours. Cold and rainy nights on the regular ✂️

    2. The ice will help trick the plant into thinking its dying, might help bring out some more before she’s cut down

    3. Something beats nothing. I’d load the base with ice then cut her in 24 hrs. We’ll have a few earlier girls too, Michigan days seemed to stick closer to 14/10 longer 🤦‍♂️

    1. Different strokes for different folks. I do some lst as well, but I always top or FIM as well. Slower veg, but way better producers for me at least

  1. Hey guys…do I top or fim? Depends on situation….if I’m trying to keep the canopy even and I have a runaway plant which always seems to happen…ill top it to slow it down and then top it again while I’ll just fim the others…this is a good method to slow that runaway plant down and let the others catch up. Most colas I’ve gotten is 6 but I’ll generally 3 or 4 from my fim. Thanks for another great vid. Peace to you and Trey.

    1. Thanks dude! I FIM 99% of the time. Then, depending on the strain, I also top after the new growth is fully developed

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